Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gripe Day: Good luck trying to search a blog, etc.

You might as well start here.

If anything, the technical difficulties have gotten worse since then. Searches are now a joke, with precious little "findable," either on my own blog or on someone else's. Thank goodness I've archived all my posts in Word.

My blogroll, still in no discernible order, now "hides" a few blogs. Lerner's Jewish Bible Blog is no longer accessible; only the most recent post is visible on Hirhurim and on Modern Orthoprax & Heterdox; on Emes Ve-Emunah, only the most recent post is visible, with the print so dark that it's only legible when one "highlights" it; and only the comments from the most recent post are visible on DovBear's blog. Yes, I've checked the URLs at the Blogrolling site, and they're still correct.

I can't post comments on quite a number of blogs because only an empty box appears where the word verification letters should be.

And, in the newest twist, I can't even access DovBear's blog by typing "DovBear's blog" into a general Search window--now, I get his latest "tweets" instead of his blog! I have to type "DovBear.blogspot" to read his blog.

What the heck did Google do?

See previous post for further fuming, but see the one before that if you're more interested in being amused.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The current link for DovBear's Blog is:
He has several very interesting posts from the end of the year and the new year already.
Hope the link works for you

Thu Jan 07, 11:41:00 PM 2010  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Thanks. DB has certainly published some interesting posts recently. That "wig theft" post from Thursday, Jan. 7 is a real eye-opener.

Fri Jan 08, 11:22:00 AM 2010  

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